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Welcome to the notary’s office Wagner – your experts for legal organisation and security.

In order to protect you from harm, the legislator prescribes the involvement of a notary in some areas.

Prior to or during the drafting of contracts, it is a matter of anticipating potential problems, grasping interrelationships and also penetrating clauses in terms of content.

As a notary, I benefit from the fields in which I have specialized.

I can help you to actively design your rights.

As neutral and impartial advisor I support you with great expertise right from the start in the drafting of comprehensive contracts, such as

  • The purchase contracts for developed and undeveloped real estate, residential or partial ownership and heritable building rights,
  • Property development contracts (new construction and refurbishment properties),
  • Establishment of heritable building rights,
  • Establishment and creation of land rents,
  • Formation and alteration of residential and partial ownership, separate ownership,
  • Establishment and creation of land charges, mortgages and easements.

In all this I take into consideration the interests of all parties concerned. I show you possibilities how potential conflict situations can be avoided. Thus, you receive the greatest possible security in the legal formulation of your contracts.

In addition to notarising real estate law, I also notarise legal transactions in the areas of marriage and family, succession and gifts as well as commercial and corporate law.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions here.

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