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The full concentration on all areas of real estate enables us to provide both comprehensive and targeted advice.

Expect full support around real estate law – from one single office.

Our clients come from the real estate and construction industries. They include, among others:

  • Architects, planning agents, engineers, trade and crafts companies
  • Private investors
  • Project developers
  • Construction companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Commercial tenants

We advise you and represent you in the following, among others: legal questions about the processing of a project, contract drafting, the assertion of contractual claims arising from the law on contracts for work and services, including the assertion of claims.

This includes private construction law, public construction law, architects’ law, tenancy and residential property law.

One key focus of our law office is on the support of medium-sized construction and craft enterprises in the area of the enforcement of claims, defense against claims, liability and warranty issues.

Another key focus in our consulting lies in the accompaniment of real estate transactions.

We regularly conduct acquisition audits (so-called due diligence) and thus prepare the comprehensive review of the legal and contractual framework conditions for purchase or sale decisions.

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Here you can find out more about our main focus areas.

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General civil law

That much is sure: You cannot avoid all difficulties in life. It is good if in a specific case an experienced partner is at your side. We are there for you regarding issues of general contract law, to name just one.

We advise and care for you comprehensively and personally, we mediate between the parties and represent you if a judicial procedure becomes necessary.

It is part of our tasks to draft contracts or to review them as well as clarify legal issues also by way of expert advice.

We accompany out-of-court conflict settlements before arbitration and conciliation boards and we represent you in mediation procedures.

It is a vital pre-requisite to have time for a detailed discussion of your desires and ideas in order to resolve problems quickly and effectively. After all, that’s your right.

Architectural law

Dealing with architectural law, we naturally advise and represent you also in all issues regarding architectural law.

The rights and obligations of the architect vis-à-vis the clients are of central importance, particularly in the context of the law governing architects. Also, the question arises which services the architect has to provide, for which mistakes the architect can be held liable and whether the architect holds copyrights in the project.

Our services include, among others:

  • Architects’ liability
  • Architects’ honorarium
  • Architects’ contract
  • Planning mistakes
  • Supervisory mistakes
  • Cancellation/Termination of an architect’s contract

We are happy to advise you at any time regarding specific questions.

Construction law

Anyone involved in a building project is confronted with a multitude of different partners, requirements and demands. Here, good planning, advice and organisation in all legal issues is of particular importance. This is so that problems do not arise in the first place – or that they can be resolved successfully and in an economically viable way.

We support you right from the beginning. This starts with the planning and contracting of construction projects and covers legal problems during and after conclusion of the project. We advise you prior to negotiations and, if desired, participate in them. If a legal dispute follows, of course we are also there for you.

In private construction law, you can draw upon our know how in the areas of architectural and engineering law, procurement law, construction contract law and construction law management. In addition, you can benefit from our experience from other key focuses such as public construction law.

Of course we also provide legal advice for your projects during construction.

This special service concept bundles all legal advisory and organisational tasks: from structuring the overall legal concept to post-claim management. We would be happy to inform you personally about all the details.

Claims Management

These days and age, a well-organized claims management is indispensable in the supervision and recovery of outstanding debts due to the general deterioration in payment practice. You invested a great amount of effort and work to reliably complete your service for your client or customer; you may even have provided much money for the use of personnel and material, and after the completion of your work your contract partner does not pay. They may not react to reminders.

We as a law firm can offer all necessary services from one partner for legal and structural reasons, contrary to debt collection agencies. We take care of the dunning process so that you can concentrate on your actual work.

Should you mandate us, costs for you are low. If your debtor is overdue in paying your claims, they have to bear the costs for the legal process on top of your claims. In many cases a written formal notice from a lawyer is sufficient to get the debtor to pay your claims.

Real Estate (Agent) Law

As regards real estate law, we offer you legal counsel from the drafting of a contract to its legal enforcement.

We support you, among others, in the assessment whether indeed an effective brokerage contract has been concluded and in enforcing and defending against commissions.

Due to many legal regulation in the field of real estate law (real estate and property developer ordinance, pricing ordinance, German civil code (BGB), Code of Conduct for Estate Agents and Property Managers, competition rules for real estate agents) as well as manifold case law often require legal support in order to actually enforce one’s legal interests.

The Wagner law firm and notary’s office can draw on many years of experience in the field of brokerage law and offers comprehensive legal advice and representation of interests.

We are also happy to be at your disposal for an initial consultation.

Tenancy law

We advise you on all questions of tenancy law and in particular on the drafting, review and amendment of rental contracts, taking into account current case law of the Federal Supreme Court.

Especially as litigation-oriented law firm, we represent you not only in all out-of-court disputes, but also in court.

We also accompany you during the handover of rental properties.

Alongside the traditional fields of rental law like terminations, rental deposits, cosmetic repairs, defects, rent reductions, rent increases, modernization and operating costs, we are also active in the field of forced sales and forced administration.

Residential Property Law

The complexity of the real estate and community law regulations underlying residential property law requires the most precise knowledge of the subject matter, which the Wagner law firm can offer you. Disputes can arise both between individual residential property owners and with the administrator.

Particular consideration must be given to the demarcation between special and common property and the resulting competences and rights for the individual residential property owner and the residential property owners’ association. Regularly, problems also arise from the fact that housing estates are managed by an administrator. The question always arises as to whether the housing estate is being managed properly, whether the manager is exercising his powers and whether the annual accounts and the business plan submitted are lawful

Alongside traditional issues of residential property law such as

  • Demarcation of special and common property
  • Structural alteration
  • Resolution challenge
  • Decision-making authority
  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Annual Statement / Business Plan
  • Special rights of use
  • Administrator
  • Administrator’s Advisory Board
  • Housing subsidy,

we also deal with the deprivation of residential property as well as its forced administration and forced sale.

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